Marianne Bentzen

Neuroaffective psychotherapist and author with a meditation practice. Marianne has been leading professional trainings in Somatic Psychotherapy in Europe and North America since 1982.A friend and colleague of Peter Levine, she has led workshops and co-presented at conferences with Peter since 1988. Her focus is on the practical applications of neuroaffective theory, PTSD treatment, compassion and mindfulness practices and a systems-perspective on group formation. She has written a number of professional articles and a couple of books on neuroaffective personality development.

Grzegorz Pawłowski

Author of the books: “Oddech. Breathe consciously, live more fully “and” Life Coaching in the heart “. Licensed ICC coach, lecturer in life coaching at Collegium Civitas and at the School of Banking. Creator of the work environment with breathing in Poland. On the basis of over 20 years of experience, several thousand sessions and training sessions, he develops the method and the CUUD Coaching Breathing School. Physics master by education.
www.grzegorzpawlowski.com, www. coachingoddechem.pl


Rachporn Sangkasaad Taal from the Netherlands is an international promoter of teaching Somatic Experiencing and Ego-State Therapy, as well as co-founder and president of the Foundation for Somatic Experiments in the Netherlands (SEN) and vice president of the European Association of Somatic Experiments (EASE).

He is a certified therapist in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) at the IBP Institute in Switzerland, Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine), Eye Movement Integration (Danie Beaulieau), Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (David Berceli), Touch Therapy (Kathy Kaine) and Clinical Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

Lectures in English translated into Polish – simultaneous interpretation


Wolfgang Brandt is a health practitioner (Psychotherapeut HPG) working in his private practice for bodypsychotherapy in Dresden, Germany, since 2001. He is a Bodynamic therapist since 2017.

For many years, he was a clinical bodytherapist with focus on trauma treatment. He has been trained in  NLP, Qigong, Feldenkrais ® and Somatic Experiencing®.


I am fascinated by how much the body communicates and how one can get to know and integrate their feelings, emotions and thoughts in the creative movement.
I am a certified psychotherapist and supervisor of dance and movement therapy, a psychologist. I work with children and families. I conduct therapy with adults, sessions of the Authentic Movement and development workshops.

I graduated in clinical psychology at the School of Social Psychology and 4-year training in dance and movement psychotherapy at the DMT Institute. I am the only Polish graduate of 2-year international training dedicated to working with children and families “Ways of Looking”. I participated in trainings on the Authentic Movement, including an annual course signed by Institue for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. I have a certificate of psychotherapist and supervisor of dance and movement psychotherapy.

I have been working therapeutically and developmentally for over 10 years. I conduct therapy with children with emotional problems and developmental disorders and with families. Since 2009 I have been cooperating with the School with Integration Units No. 38 in Warsaw,
I have experience in working with adults with mental disorders, I work min. with people experiencing emotional difficulties and building relationships, suffering from depression, blockages in the body, psychosomatic disorders.

Ryszard Tafel

Psychotherapist and physiotherapist with 20 years of experience in working with people.

From 2007, the owner of the rehabilitation center – a pioneer medical center that sets the standards for medical customer service in the Tri-City. Currently, together with Magdalena Kwasniewska, she co-creates the Sopot center of work with the body of Remediu.

He conducts individual and group therapy sessions in A.Lower’s innovative approach to bioenergy analysis in Poland. He conducts trainings in companies: Blue Media S.A. , Nationale-Nederlanden S.A., Bank BPH, Intel Technology Poland and GROM Military Unit.

For years, inspired by teachers from the Far East and Western mentors, he practices a holistic approach to his clients, combining work with body and mind

Anna Zubrzycki

An actress, she teaches acting and voice projection in Poland and abroad. She was brought up in Australia and educated there. She has worked as an actress and teacher in Poland for over 40 years now. She was a founding member and the main actress of the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” (1977–1992). Together with Grzegorz Bral, she founded the Wrocław Song of the Goat Theatre, in which teamwork and innovative training in acting are the most essential. Appreciated by the critics, artists and audiences, honoured with numerous awards and nominations, including the Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for her contribution to the development of Polish culture in 2008. Until 2014, she was the main actress and art director of an ensemble of actors and she ran a two-year Master’s Degree program in acting. She teaches actors how to make contact with the source of the voice (in singing and speaking) and how to use it to construct a powerful, authentic and courageous presence on the stage. She is the founder of the Voices Foundation.


Qualified psychotherapist at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto (GIT, 2004), has the right to individual and group work. He is the recommended trainer of the Polish Psychological Association. For 6 years in the Gestalt Counseling Center team, since 2013 he has been running his own business “Poza Granice” as a psychotherapist and trainer. In 2017, he joined the Wielkopolska School of Psychotherapy Gestalt as a training coach, where he promotes a relational and embodied approach in the relationship of help.

In individual and group practice, he combines the somatic and development approach within the framework of Gestalt psychotherapy. He is a graduate of the 3-year program of the Institute of Integrative Work with Body and Movement Therapy in England (IBMT, 2014) and 2.5-year training in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (CSS, 2018). Until now, he has led development and training workshops focused on the body and movement in Canada, Russia and Poland as part of cooperation with the Gestalt Institute in Toronto, the Gestalt Counseling Center in Krakow and the Polish Choreotherapy Association in Poznan.

Examples of his original projects are:

Movement to Contact – a training cycle of relational body / motion work using basic developmental patterns,

Body Relationship – a series of body and movement workshops in the Gestalt approach (with Alicja Gruszka-Nowak),

The Movingbody – discovering yourself through movement and body awareness (with Daniele Massie).

His therapeutic practice is based on personal experience and various forms of developing body awareness and movement expression, which over the years included high-performance sports, yoga, meditation and hiking. For over 5 years, she has been constantly drawing inspiration from her son.

He is a member of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Jacek Paszkowski

Certified teacher of Feldenkrais Method, MA in motor rehabilitation. A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw (AWF) (1992). In 1994 he went to the USA, where for 8 years he worked as a rehabilitation at such centers as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the Northwestern Memorial Hospital or the Chicago Institute of Neuroresearch and Neurosurgery. For two years, he also worked at the Swedish Covenant Hospital for pain management. During his stay in the States he studied with the Feldenkrais Method (1997-2000) and completed a 4-year training for teachers of this method. Apart from the Feldenkrais Method, he studied other methods of body work, such as Body Mind Centereing, cranio-sacral therapy and Zero Balancing. Since returning to Poland in 2002, Jacek has been conducting group classes, individual sessions as well as workshops and travel camps.

“I am most interested in motor development and physical education in combination with the development of body awareness. The Feldenkrais method has so far been the best medium for this type of work, experiments and play, so I’ve been holding it for over 10 years, sharing what I learn and experience with others. “

Agnieszka Klimek

The teacher and practitioners of Focus Internal Relations, an innovative approach in Focusing, have international qualifications to provide individual sessions and conduct group training.
Certified Somatic Experiencing® therapist – Peter Levine’s somatic therapy aimed at unloading trauma from the nervous system based on the felt sense model taken from Focusingu. A fan of analytical approach C.G. Jung.
Psychotherapist in training since 2012 in the field of Process Psychology. An EMDR therapist, amazed at the effectiveness and depth of this approach.
For 6 years he has been involved in Focusing Internal Relations. Focusing Internal Relations is one of the greatest gifts in her life – it’s a gentle practice of reaching a deep connection with each other, a bridge between feeling the flow of sensations within herself and sense of meaning and meaning by not separating the mind from body and body from mind. She completed a series of advanced training with felt sense in the Focusing trend:
Treasure Maps to the Soul, Navigating the Edge, Focusing and Mindfulness, Focusing and Trauma. Filarizing, Focusing and Dreams, Focusing and Trauma. Has participated in a series of advanced training by Peter Levine on : interoception, sexuality, memory in trauma and specialist training on the subject of trauma and experience of death (Eye of the Needle). She translated two books on Focusingu into Polish:
Focusing. The wisdom of the body. Manual on emotional healing of yourself, Ann W. Cornell (2015) and
Focus Manual, Ann W. Cornell and Barbara McGavin (in preparation)
She translated the internal textbooks for the Somatic Experiencing training
and a book about Judith Bluestone on non-drug treatment of autism “The Matter of Autism.”

Agnieszka Sut

I am a teacher of Rolando Toro System Biodanzy.

I have lived in Italy since 1998 and I met Biodanzę, which I have been connected to since 2001. In 2003, I started studying at the three-year School of Biodanza in Vicenza, and later at the Centro Studi di Biodanza in Bolognia, obtaining the IBF Facilitator Diploma of the Rolando Toro System Biodanza.

My continuous search and personal development, curiosity of people and the world I realize through Biodanza searching for ever deeper ways of expressing personality and how closest connection to my own feelings and emotions.

I am a part of “Coordinamento bresciano degli insegnanti di Biodanza” which promotes the Biodanza system in Brescia and its surroundings (www.biodanzabrescia.org) and a member of the Italian Association “Biodanza Italia” (www.biodanzaitalia.it)

I have the 2nd degree of Reiki and for more than twenty years I have been following the path of spiritual development.

My great fascination is working with a voice understood as a natural sound that is part of our personality and intimacy.

I live in northern Italy every day, where I run weekly Adult Biodanza and Biodanza and voice workshops.

Ada Stolarczyk

Therapist working with the body, specializing in stress reduction processes, and working with the cellular memory of the body. Therapist of cranio-sacral therapy, TRE provider, author of the relaxation plate with visualizations “Your body knows the answer”, founder of the Trip Expedition Foundation, on behalf of which she organizes trips to exotic places connected with development (Bali, Guatemala, Nepal).
For over 10 years working with groups through work with the body. As the New Psychology, together with Dorota Hołówka, they developed original workshops on the integration of the dark side and work with anxiety at the level of the body.
Through a holistic approach to working with a man, he works with the body (tension / relaxation – cellular memory of the body), emotions (contact / bmi), energy (caring for the flow at the level of the body – A. Lowen School) as well as the state of mind, and awareness of the level of nutrition of the body, and not just satisfying the feeling of hunger (diet).

Eliza Kurowska

I am a psychologist, Facilitator Consultant and Advanced Instructor One Brain Method®. I am a member of the international educational corporation Three In One Concepts, Inc., the author of the first in Poland scientific research on the effectiveness of One Brain Method® and the author of the film “Life without stress”, showing the assumptions and effectiveness of the One Brain® Method. I have been working with One Brain® for over 18 years. In 2006, I founded the Holistic Development Center, which has its headquarters in Młyńsk in the Izerskie Foothills. I conduct individual consultations with children, adolescents and adults according to the One Brain® Method, as well as One Brain® Method courses and Betty Edwards drawing courses (pencil, coal).

My greatest passion is a man and a holistic approach to its development, self-fulfillment, physical and mental health, education, personal and professional life, which is why I am interested in methods whose basic assumption is the integration of the body, mind and spirit.

I am a lover and propagator of the One Brain® Method in Poland.